Wasim Akram's Best Bowling Figures in Test & ODIs

Wasim Akram's Best Bowling Figures in Test & ODIs
Wasim Akram's Best Bowling Figures in Test & ODIs

 Wasim Akram is considered one of the greatest bowlers to ever grace a cricket field. His skill and accuracy as a left-arm bowler made him one of the most feared bowlers in the world. His best bowling figures in all formats of the game are a testament to his greatness and skill. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of Wasim Akram’s best bowling figures in all formats of the game.

Test Cricket

Wasim Akram is remembered fondly as the Sultan of Swing in cricket. He holds the impressive distinction of having the best bowling figures in all formats, including Test cricket. Wasim Akram's best bowling figures in Test cricket were 10/106 against Zimbabwe in 1996 at faisalabad. His incredible bowling speed and accuracy that day made it an unforgettable moment for all cricket fans.

The 10 wickets included some of Zimbabwe's top batsman such as Grant Flower and Dave Houghton. Wasim Akram bowled with a deadly combination of speed and swing, creating chaos for the batsmen as he picked up his 10 wickets in just 38.4 overs. It was a testament to his skill and prowess as a bowler, and this feat remains one of the best displays of fast bowling in Test cricket. Wasim Akram's performance on that day is sure to remain etched in the memories of cricket fans for years to come. He ended the match with career-best figures of 10/106, demonstrating why he is known as the Sultan of Swings in cricket. In addition to this, Wasim Akram had other remarkable stats during his career, including 414 wickets in 104 Tests and 502 wickets in 356 One Day Internationals. His total tally of 916 international wickets makes him one of the greatest bowlers ever to have played the game. What truly set him apart was his immense pace, which ranged from 140-150 kmph, something that not many bowlers can boast of today. Even though Wasim Akram retired from professional cricket in 2003, his records and achievements still stand tall today.

Test Cricket Overall Bowling Stats

Wasim Akram's Test Bowling Stats
MTS 104
WKTS 414
MDNS 871
Best 10/106
5w 25
10w 5

One Day Internationals

Wasim Akram's bowling stats in One Day Internationals (ODIs) were incredibly impressive, as he ranks first in terms of the most wickets taken with 502. His best bowling figures were 5/15 against Zimbabwe at karachi in 1993, where he also achieved a remarkable bowling speed of nearly 86 miles per hour. Known as the 'Sultan of Swing', Wasim Akram was an outstanding bowler who could bowl fast and accurate deliveries at any given time. His ability to swing the ball both ways and his ability to bowl yorkers consistently made him a dangerous bowler. He was also very accurate, which is why he had the highest number of maiden overs in the history of ODIs. His performances for Pakistan earned him the highest respect from all cricket fans around the world.

ODI Cricket Overall Bowling Stats

Wasim Akram's ODI Bowling Stats
MTS 356
WKTS 502
MDNS 237
Best 5/15
4w 17
5w 6

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